Travelogue Jordan 2011

Jordan? Would you come up with Jordan when thinking about your next vacation? Well, I certainly did not, it was Gabi’s idea. When she went to Iran years ago someone told her about Jordan’s beauty, about landscape, nature and people – and this person certainly was right. So if you don’t have plans yet, if your vacation will be in spring or autumn and if you have at least two, better three weeks then go to Jordan: phantastic landscapes, 2000 year old culture heritage sites, good food and very nice people.

To start with people: who travelled to Egypt, especially the tourist regions at the Red Sea, and who ever left his or her hotel might think very badly about contact with Arab people: that they will try to sell you whatever, never let go and often try to cheat you. Please, don’t generalize! That’s not like all Arabs are. And in Jordan it might be hard to find any such person. Well, according to our expierence there is one exception and they might try to cheat you at filling stations (see Organization). But apart from that we always felt felcome and never hustled. We could even stop in front of souvenir shops, watching the displays and walk on without any further discussions with the shop owner: try this in Hurghada!

How often have we heard the question “Where are you from?” And when we answered, the reaction was often “Ah, Alemania!” and then quite often “I love Germany. Klose! Schweinsteiger!” And they always ended the short talk with “Welcome to Jordan!”.

On the following pages you will find organizational tips for travelling Jordan, photos and short notes about our trip and the route we took.

Arrival and Madaba
Madaba to Karak
Karak to Dana
Dana to Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum
Dead Sea
Returning home