Travelogue South America 2003
Argentina, Bolivia, Chile

This trip through South America, from Argentina via Boliva to Chile was my most intense travel experience. Two months to spend, total liberty to do whatever I wanted, changing my route and plans daily, grabbing every opportunity. Thus my journey took me to several world records:

  • to the largest and most impressive water falls of the world in Iguazu
  • to the largest salt lake in the world, Salar de Uyuni
  • to the largest river network, I took a cargo boat downstream Mamoré, feeder of the Amazon
  • to the highest seat of government in the world, La Paz
  • to the highest public airport, El Alto (La Paz)
  • to the highest navigable lake in the world, Lago Titicaca
  • to the largest copper mine of the world, Chuquicamata, the largest hole men have dug
  • to the driest dessert in the world, Atacama Dessert
  • to the largest optical telescope of the world, VLT in Paranal

And I almost had my right hand bitten off by an alligator, I caught piranhas, went horse riding, floated in saturated salt water, saw a meteorite and could not believe the beauty of South America.

Argentina – Buenos Aires
Salta – Part 1
Salta – Part 2
Argentina to Bolivia
Tupiza to Uyuni – Part 1
Tupiza to Uyuni – Part 2
Tupiza to Uyuni – Part 3
Trinidad – Downstream River Mamoré
Rurrenabarque and the Pampa – Part 1
Rurrenabarque and the Pampa – Part 2
La Paz – Part 1
La Paz – Part 2
Lago Titicaca
Chile: Arica / Chuquicamata
San Pedro de Atacama – Part 1
San Pedro de Atacama – Part 2
La Serena to Valpariso
Santiago de Chile
map of my itinerary South America 2003
Itinerary South America 2003