Packing List

It is a philosophy what and how much you take with you when you travel. It further depends a lot from the places you are going to visit and the planned activities. I, for example, like to be able to enter spontaneously into adventures and therefore I carry quite a lot to be equipped for almost every possibility. I needed almost everything I took on almost every trip. On the other hand I could have handled most situations with much less.

My packing list results from my experiences in Latin America , it won’t be too much of a help for a Himalaya expedition. The packing list is a reminder which things you could take but not what you have to take. Not even I myself take everything on this packing list on every journey. If you stay closer to big cities or if you are willing to spend a couple of hours or even days to equip you you will need much less. And always remember: "Take double the money and half the clothes." Plastic is such a wonderful invention 😉


Wash Bag / First Aid Kit:


It is important to take cloths which are easy to pack, which dry fast and do not have to be ironed. Most of the travel cloths by the known brands fulfil those needs. If you want to you can also carry on set of "civil cloths" in case you are invited to a dinner.

© Volker Umpfenbach

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