I am happy that so many people visit my pages and read my travelogues. Sometimes people send me questions, so I decided to answer the most important ones in a FAQ.

Answers to questions regarding security abroad:

"I heard that Guatemala [or Mexico or any other country] is very unsafe. Can I really go there?"

In principle I would like to answer: No, these countries are not unsafe, yes, you can travel there. But there are certain rules one should have in mind:

These rules sound scary, therefore a little about my personal experiences:

With common sense, attention and (not exaggerated) caution you can avoid almost all risks. If you don’t want to risk anything stay at home! You won’t experience anything and probably be run over by a car in front of your doorway.

Please keep in mind that these answers are nothing but my personal opinion and that they reflect my experiences only. I can not guaranty that nothing will happen to you if you follow these rules and I do not update this page on a regular basis so the situation in a country or region might have changed.

Have a good and safe trip full of wonderful experiences!

Answers to questions regarding Spanish schools:

Answers to questions regarding car rentals:
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