Travelogue 2001 Crete
The Paradise and Chania

Crete: The Wreck of the Santa Marina
Local people had recommended our next destination, a lonely located paradise in the northwest end of Crete. No paved roads lead there and therefore there aren’t any tourists. One of the last signs of civilisation was this wreck. Someone told me that it’s the Santa Marina.
Crete: North-West-Coast
Along this breath-taking coast
Crete: North-West-Coast
On a breath-taking road
Crete: A Paradise in the North West
Then we had to walk and after a few meters we got the first glance of paradise
Crete: A Paradise in the North West
A deserted dream
Crete: Sleeping in the Paradise in the North West
No humans and of course no hotels. A night under the sky next to the fire, without sufficient blankets, without sleeping bag or tent …
Crete: A Paradise in the North West
Sunrise like in Robinson Crusoe
Crete: A Paradise in the North West
A morning bath in paradise
Crete: Harbor of Chania
Chania: Our last stop. A nice town but of course the water isn’t clean here.
Crete: Open Air Restaurant in Chania
A restaurant in a ruin without roof. Here we spend our last evening before going back to Heraklion in a scooter tour de force.

© Volker Umpfenbach

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