Travelogue 2001 Crete
The West Coast

Crete: Elafonisi
October 7th we reached Elafonisi, southwest end of Crete. Hundreds of tourists visit this place each day, where you can walk through shallow water to a little island.
Crete: Elafonisi
Only 500m down the beach we found a little creek for us alone
Crete: Elafonisi
Counter shot
Crete: Monastery Moni Chrisoskalitissa
The monastery Moni Chrisoskalitissa
Crete: West Coast
We continued north following the west coast
Crete: Goats next to the road
Goats next to the road
Crete: Falasama
Falasarna, beautiful but very touristy
Crete: Dagmar on her way
Dagmar on her way

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