Travelogue 2001 Crete
From Heraklion to Agios Pavlos

Crete: Travel with Scooters
September 30th we, that is Dagmar and me, touched down in Heraklion. We only had booked the flight and in the next moring we rented two scooters and started the trip.
We crossed the island heading directly south through a beautiful landscape.
Crete: Sunset on a grave yard
In the evening the first obligatory sunset shots. This one taken at a tiny grave yard.
Crete: Angel at sunset
And of course matching angels in front of the coulorful sky
Crete: Agios Pavlos
Our next stop was Agios Pavlos, a tiny village with wonderful food. We found an apartment in this lonely located house.
Crete: Beach of Agios Pavlos
The main beach in Agios Pavlos is nothing special, but only meters from our home we found this little paradise with the clearest water we ever swam in.
Crete: Beach of Agios Pavlos
The only disadvantage was that we had to climb quite a bit on our way back.
Crete: Beach of Agios Pavlos at Sunset
And once again the sun touches the ocean

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