Travelogue Tanzania 2009

Tanzania, Zanzibar, Serengeti, Safari: I guess that each one of you sees pictures in front of his/her inner eye. This was not a trip we had planned for a long time, that we had been looking for for a long time. At the beginning of March, less than three weeks before take-off, we had to pick a destination, as there was only a short window when I could go on vacation. We started by looking for a country in reasonable distance and warm temperatures and ended up with Kenya. This created the idea of going on safari to see Africa’s animals. We found a specialized agency, which helped us finding planning the best trip for us, a “classical combination” of a safari in Tanzania followed by a couple of days on Zanzibar.

This trip was pretty different as compared to the other journeys you find on this website. Consequently I will not only give a chronological overview of the trip but discuss different aspects of the journey.

Organization, agencies and tips
Our programme
Critical review
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