Travelogue Tanzania 2009
Organization, Agencies and Tips

Once we had the idea to go on safari we quickly found the specialized agency Afrika Tours Individuell which has its office by chance a couple of hundred meters from where we live. Therefore we had the possibility to talk to the specialists in person instead of using telephone and internet only. Soon it was clear that Tanzania was the best destination for us. Where to go is highly dependent on the time of the year you want to travel. First we were a bit skeptical as rainy season was to start in by the end of March, but this year it started late, there were few tourists and it was a very good point of time to see the animals.

In different guide books we found the recommendation to book our safari in Germany and not in Tanzania because it would be saver, quicker and not more expensive. We did so and were very pleased with everything. In Tanzania our whole safari was handled by Simba Safaris and on Zanzibar Island Express was taking care of us.

These are the things you should consider when planning your safari:

Tanasania - Our vehicle

Our vehicle

Tanasania - Equipment maintenance

Equipment maintenance

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