Travelogue Peru 2006

It took three years till I finally could pack my back pack again and four weeks were the maximum my bosses allowed. This time I did not travel alone but with my friend Ingrid from Santiago de Chile. Though we visited only the south of Peru there were so many things to see that we would have needed more time. We started in Lima, travelled along the coast south till Arequipa. From there to Puno, the Lago Titicaca, then Cusco, former navel of the Inca World, and Machu Picchu. Finally we flew back to the coast to relax a bit before we had to return home.

Lima – Huacachina
Paracas – Islas Ballestas
Colca Canyon – Part 1
Colca Canyon – Part 2
Colca Canyon – Part 3
Via Puno to Cusco
Valle Sagrado
Machu Picchu
Cusco – Rafting
Cerro Azul