Here you will find all kinds of texts that I have written over the years. I don’t consider myself a great writer, but these texts are part of me and should therefore not be missing. However, most of them are in German and the links will lead you to the German part of my website.

More entertaining and informative texts can be found in my travel reports .

It should be noted that these texts may not be published or reproduced, either commercially or non-commercially, without permission.

Short stories

“Der Fluss” is a text I wrote to a dear friend when she was feeling very bad. I made up the other two stories for my little sister Maria Valentina. Why does one story have such a strange title? Because I had her give me three terms each, which then had to occur …

Der Fluss
Die Geschichte vom dicken Bären Bruno
Das Kind, die Brille und die Badewanne

Scripts and theater

Hollywood truth #1: Everybody can write. At least that’s what everyone thinks and then writes. So here are two short film scripts that I still like, but that will hardly be realized … “Der Selbstmörder” is a rather surrealistic play.

Die Tarnkappe
Tief unten
Der Selbstmörder

Other texts

Thoughts written down that could not be classified anywhere else. The text about freedom is very important to me because I consider it to be one of the best ideas / considerations I have ever had.

The Ocean
On the possibility of freedom