On this page you find the travelogues I send to friends and family, a kind of public diary. The online version here includes a selection of the best photos. The first reports are only available in German but as time went by they became more detailed and I started an English version for the people I met travelling.

If you don’t know where to start try my slide show. If you like a picture click on it to read the corresponding travelogue.

If you are interested in avoiding the global warming please read atmosfair.

In my FAQ you find answers to questions regarding security and Spanish schools. If you are about to go on a journey my packing list might be helpful.


2011 Jordan   Travelogue and Photos
2009 Tanzania   Travelogue and Photos
2007 Ireland   Photos
2006 Peru   Travelogue and Photos
2003 Argentinia / Bolivia / Chile   Travelogue and Photos
2002 Guatemala / Belize / El
  Travelogue and Photos
2001 Crete   Photos
2001 Mexico / Guatemala   Travelogue and Photos
2000 Guatemala (German
  Travelogue and Photos
1998 Guatemala /
Honduras (German only)
  Travelogue and Photos
Further Trips   Photos
© Volker Umpfenbach

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