Travelogue Jordan 2011

After lunch we took a small road to Wadi Araba where the Dead Sea is. A fantastic route through great scenery, rocks and soil in many different colors. The road itself is only great for the first part; then there is quite a bit where one has to drive slowly and pay a lot of attention. But one does not need a 4×4.

road to Wadi Araba
Great road, great view.
road to Wadi Araba
Now dirt road, still fantastic view.
View from Wadi Araba to the mountains
down in Wadi Araba looking back to the mountains.

Our next stop was Feynan Ecolodge in the lower part of the Dana Nature Reserve. We stayed there for one night only because:

  • They did not offer all the possible tours as there were too few guests.
  • It felt artificial and touristy. The hotel is run by an international operator offering service to rich tourists at a price not matching the price structure of the country and with only a small part of the money actually going to the local people.
  • It simple was not nice enough to spend there more of the little time we had.

In the evening after arrival we did a not very spectacular sun set walk and in the next morning we visited a couple of ancient copper mines where the ore was taken from the earth a couple of thousand years ago.

Feynan Ecolodge
Feynan Ecolodge
the rocky dessert surrounding the Feynan Ecolodge
The area around the lodge is mainly rocky dessert.
hike through Wadi Feynan
Wadi Feynan
Wadi Feynan - vertical mine
vertical mine #1
Wadi Feynan - vertical mine
vertical mine #2
Wadi Feynan - boulders with copper deposits
signs of copper on the stones
Wadi Feynan - horizontal mine
horizontal mine – we could enter this one

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