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Dead Sea

From Feynan we continued to the Mujib Chalets at Dead Sea, small bungalows operated by the already mentioned RSCN. The drive was pretty long so we skipped Wadi Nimrim which had planned to visit.

We arrived before sunset and went swimming directly. It’s really funny to float on the saturated salt water and to learn how to move and to find out what one should not do.

ATTENTION: To start floating sit down and then float on your back, don’t try to do breast strokes. Be careful not to get water into your face, it will hurt a lot in your eyes. And don’t let any water enter your mouth or nose. If even a small amount of the water enters your lungs you might die! Wear shoes, there are salt crystals everywhere and they can be very sharp. And finally: don’t enter the Dead Sea if you’re not close to a shower.

Some people said that one has to throw away the bathing cloths after using them in the Dead Sea but we cannot confirm this.

Jordanien: Totes Meer
sunset at the Dead Sea
Jordanien: Totes Meer
As an experienced traveler I don’t read the newspaper here but my guide book.
Jordanien: Totes Meer
thick crusts of salt on a rock
Jordanien: Totes Meer
thinner layers of salt at the beach

We intended to stay for two nights but there were no vacancies for the second night due to a seminar. We were not too sad as we could not do any tours in the neighboring Wadi Mujib anyway, which was still closed as there were too few tourists. So we took another bath in the next morning and went off again.

Along the coast north. We turned right following the signs to Hammamat Ma’in. We almost past the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex but decided to visit it in the end: A very interesting museum about the Dead Sea, a great view and an expensive restaurant.

Jordanien: Totes Meer
view on the Dead Sea from the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex

From there we took the new and quite impressive road to Mukawir, then King’s Road to Madaba.

In Madaba lunch, a visit to the St. George Church with the famous mosaic (a map of Palestine in the sixth century) and to the Archaeological Park with more fascinating mosaics.

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