Travelogue Jordan 2011

In Jordan it is pretty easy to get along with English though of course not everybody speaks it.

Before arrival we had booked a hotel for the first night and we had rented a car (see FAQ). There are a couple of things to know if you want to drive in Jordan:

Jordanien: Verkehrschild
This is a sign to Karak Castle. It is very helpful … if you are here to vote.

To visit Jordan you should stay at least two weeks. We did not manage to go to all the interesting places in two weeks and we also would have liked to stay a bit longer at some places.

The best travelling times are spring or autumn. In summer it is too hot and winter can be quite nasty. And even in spring and autumn it can get pretty cold, so don’t forget a decent jacket and a warm sweater.

We did not have a fixed route and had only booked the first night after arrival. During our trip it was no problem to call the hotels one night before we arrived there to reserve a room. In most of the cases we got a room in the hotel of our choice. However we travelled in March 2011 as there were conflicts in most of the surrounding countries. Once the political situation is stable again it might be more difficult to find accommodation. It was really great for us that even the big tourist attractions were not too crowded when we went there.

We loved the food. It is worth mentioning that we did not have any stomach problems though we ate at the typical small falafel places and in local restaurants. Everything was very clean. And TASTY.

Everything else on the following pages.

Jordanien: Wadi Rum
In each country different animals might block the road.

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