Travelogue Jordan 2011

The next morning we leave Amman and drive north. About an hour away there is Jerash an almost complete Roman town. Many of the pillars were re-erected and it is easy to imagine yourself to be 2000 years ago. To help your imagination they do gladiator fights and chariot races.

Jerash is quite crowded. It seems to be a favorite destination for school trips as it is so close to Amman. As a tourist wearing an Arabian head scarf I was a bigger attraction than the ruins, all the time a boy or girl wanted to have a photo of him/her and me taken.

Jordanien: Jerash
Hadrian’s Gate
Jordanien: Jerash
Cardo Maximus
Jordanien: Jerash
Southern Theater
Jordanien: Jerash
gladiators, legionnaires and charioteers
Jordanien: Jerash
A moving pillar in the Artemis temple. At the bottom there is a spoon squeezed in between the stones. If one presses against the pillar one can see at the spoon that the pillar is slightly moving.

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