Travelogue Jordan 2011
Arrival and Madaba

We flew with Lufthansa as they were the only airline arriving and leaving at decent times from / to Munich. We had to change planes in Vienna. I was surprised: though the tickets were significantly more expensive than the ones of other airlines we travelled in the oldest and narrowest planes since a long time. Everybody else keeps telling me that Lufthansa is the best. Strange.

We arrived in the afternoon. Pickup of the rental car was easy, it just took a while to switch the navigation system to Latin script.

We had chosen Madaba for the first night. This small town is only a couple of kilometers away from the the airport and much more quiet than the capital Amman.

Next surprise: We were not able to find the few streets that had names in our guide book in the navigation system, probably because the transcription of the Arab names was totally different. So we went to the center and asked someone, Madaba is not big, so that was easy. And it also helped that I had looked at Google Earth when I booked the hotel.

By the time we had checked in it was dark and we were very tired from the long trip. So we quickly bought a card for our mobile (activation took more than 24 hours as we did not have a Jordan ID card). Our highlight of the first day: falafel and hommus. Maybe we were lucky and found the best hommus of Jordan right away.

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