Visit to the Norwegian Glacier Museum and the two glacier tongues Bøyabreen and Briksdalsbreen. Loen Skylift.

Travelogue Norway 2021
Jostedalsbreen ­Glacier

In general, Malina and I have a clear division of tasks: I plan the trip segments and drive. Malina takes the pictures. So we almost passed the Norsk BreMuseum, the Norwegian Glacier Museum, because it was not on my radar. But Malina discovered a hint on a traffic sign and a short time later we were in the museum.

The museum is not very big, but one learns a lot about glaciers and there is also constantly fresh original glacier ice with which one can do experiments.

The highlight of the museum, however, is certainly the panoramic film about the Jostedalsbreen glacier, the largest glacier on the mainland of Europe. Beautiful pictures, great sound … actually we should have watched the film twice. Unfortunately you can’t buy it, you can only see it there.

At least there’s a trailer on YouTube to whet your appetite a bit.
polar bear at Norsk BreMuseum, Norway
There’s also a polar bear. Cute picture, but I shudder a bit seeing how big the paw is compared to Malina’s head.

We would have also liked to do a glacier tour on the Jostedalsbreen, but where this would have been possible, the tours were booked up for days. Since we had mad plans from day to day only, it would have been impossible for us to make appropriate reservations.

Bøyabreen, Norway
Short stop at the glacier tongue Bøyabreen, but it was largely hidden in clouds.
Fløen, Norway
idyll at the lake Fløen
Landscape below the Briksdalsbreen glacier, Norway
To get close to another glacier tongue (Briksdalsbreen), we do a short hike. Here, by the way, there were particularly tasty blueberries to be found.
Briksdalsbreen, Norway
Well, that looks better than yesterday!
Briksdalsbreen, Norway
And through binoculars you can also see details of the ice.
cabin on camping site in Loen, Norway
In Loen we spend the night for the first and only time in a cabin of a camping site. Inside it is very simple and the bunk bed we sleep in is probably the most uncomfortable night camp of our trip. Maybe if we had looked at it before we checked in, we would have looked for another place to stay. On the other hand, it was already pretty late and we were glad to have found something.
view from Mount Hoven to Loen and the Innvikfjord, Norway
While I was already in bed, Malina took the Loen Skylift, the steepest aerial ropeway in the world, up the mountain Hoven at 1000 meters. Here you have a view of Loen and the Innvikfjord, but it is certainly not better than what we had seen before. For people who can’t hike, it may still be a great alternative.

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