Hike to Kjeragbolten, a boulder hanging freely between two vertical rock faces. Lots of adrenaline and great photos.

Travelogue Norway 2021

The next morning we go to the next classic, the Kjeragbolten. I would classify this hike as difficult. Our route had 10.6 kilometers and 720 meters of altitude. Here it goes steeply upwards over quite slippery rocks. Where the steel ropes are mounted as climbing aids, the rock is particularly smooth due to the many hikers.

route to Kjeragbolten, Norway
On this picture you can hopefully get an idea of how the path looks like and that it is quite steep.
route to Kjeragbolten, Norway
The landscape during the hike is quite beautiful, but not as varied and spectacular as at Preikestolen.
route to Kjeragbolten, Norway
After the first steep ascent it is a bit flatter for a while.
Kjeragbolten, Norway
The Kjeragbolten itself is a rock of about 5 m³, which is suspended freely between two rock faces at a height of about 1000 metres.
Kjeragbolten, Norway
The last meter to get to Kjeragbolten is quite narrow. It’s really going down. And on the rock itself, a slip would be enough to experience a few seconds of freefall … My knees got pretty weak from simply standing there, so no acrobatics like Malina. And there were quite a few hikers who turned around on the last meter.
Route Kjeragbolten, Norway
Thanks to Outdooractive, we take an alternative route on the way back, on which we are completely alone.
return path from Kjeragbolten, Norway
past crystal-clear, ice-cold lakes
return path from Kjeragbolten, Norway
passing some sheep
return path from Kjeragbolten, Norway
and more lakes

Back from the hike, our destination for the day was Hovden, which we had simply chosen based on where there was still affordable accommodation to book and how far we could still drive. The long Scandinavian summer days ensure that you get the most out of every day.

landscape at Suleskard, Norway
landscape at Suleskard,
river Otra near Berdalen, Norway
The river Otra near the village Berdalen in the evening atmosphere. It’s 10:29.

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