Hardangerfjord: Bathing stop and delicious strawberries. Short visit to Bergen. Nærøyfjord, Aurlandsfjord and drive over the pass road Aurlandsfjellet.

Travelogue Norway 2021
From Odda via Bergen to Aurlandsfjellet

The next few days we cover quite a few kilometres with a stopover in Bergen.

Hardangerfjord, Norway
At a camping site near the small village Lote at the Harangerfjord we swim in the sea for the first time. The water is actually a bit warmer than at our last freshwater swim stop. Here we do not see any of the Lion’s mane jellyfish (can get huge and hurt) that we occasionally saw from shore.
fruit plantations at the Hardangerfjord, Norway
This region is to Norway what Lake Constance is to southern Germany. Fruit plantations are lined up one after the other. Somewhere around here we bought the most delicious strawberries of our lives on the side of the road. If you ever get here at the right time of year, take advantage of the opportunity! This was also the one situation where we needed cash. And it was only because a vendor accepted euros that we got to enjoy them.
Hardangerfjord, Norway
Also from the landscape the Hardangerfjord could pass as southern Germany or Switzerland … as long as you don’t notice that it’s salt water.

In Bergen we spend two nights. There’s lots to see, delicious food. But we are longing to get back to nature.

Tyske Bryggen, Norway
Bergen had been connected to the Hanseatic League since 1360 through the trade office Tyske Bryggen. Today parts of the buildings are a kind of museum.
Tyske Bryggen, Norway
And in order to make it feel even more historical, not only the tourist guides wear historical clothes, but there was also a little theatre play that was performed in the middle of the tourists. Well, the shoes might not be quite historic.
manhole cover, Bergen, Norway
The manhole covers in the cities of Norway are often very nicely designed and very from town to town.
sunset from mount Fløien, Bergen, Norway
In the evening we take the last Fløibanen funicular up to the 320 meter high Fløien, best place for the sunset over Bergen (this photo is taken at 22:39). Then we walk back to the city.
Nærøyfjord, Norway
The next morning we continue with a short stop at the Nærøyfjord. The name says it all, making this fjord particularly idyllic.
Aurlandsfjord, Norway
view of the Aurlandsfjord
Stegastein, Aurlandsfjord, Norway
You don’t necessarily have to see the Stegastein viewing platform. It has only the one advantage of being accessible by car.
Aurlandsfjellet, Norway
While the 45 kilometre long pass road Aurlandsfjellet is time well spent.

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