Travelogue Ireland 2007
Heading East and Dublin

The last two stops before Dublin were Birr Castle and the Ruins of Bunamase. Birr Castle has a beautiful large park. They also have a small science museum because the original owners of the castle were quite active on that field. In the park you can still see a telescope built in the 19th century which was the biggest telescope in the world for some 75 years. The castle itself can not be visited.

Ireland: Birr Castle
Birr Castle
Ireland: Birr Castle
The formerly largest telescope of the world
Ireland: Rock of Dunamase
The Ruins of Bunamase
Ireland: Rock of Dunamase
The Ruins of Bunamase

And finally we had one day to visit Dublin. There aren’t many photos, because neither Gabi nor I like visiting cities too much.

Ireland, Dublin: O'Connell Street
O’Connell Street
Ireland, Dublin: Trinity College
Trinity College
Ireland, Dublin: Oscar Wilde in Merrion Square
Oscar Wilde in Merrion Square
Ireland: Dublin
One of the many beautiful doors of Dublin

© Volker Umpfenbach

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