Travelogue Ireland 2007
From Connemara to Burren

We tried to get a ferry or a flight to one of the islands Inishmaan or Inisheer from Rossaville but without success. The summer schedule with more regular flights would have started a few days later.

road along the coast of Maam Cross
The area of Maam Cross shows the most romantic version of loniness …
road along the coast of Maam Cross
… but other views gave me the impression of destruction, decay and starvation.

Gallway supplied us with coffee and cake and Gabi had time to do some shopping.

Kinvarra Harbor
Kinvarra Harbor (south of Galway)
almost twenty traffic signs on a single pole
If you should need a rest after reading this sign post you can take a tea at the “Tea Junction”.

The Lonely Planet recommended the Rusheen Lodge in Ballyvaughan as “Outstanding”. We liked our room so much that we spent two nights at this hotel, every else we had left after only one night.

This part of Ireland is called “The Burren” and it is beautiful. But there are two things I cannot recommend you: “The Burren Smokehouse” is a tourist trap. Yes, they will sell you good salmon (if you are willing to pay the price), but not even the five-minute-alibi-documentary-video is interesting. I’d also recommend not visiting “The Burren Perfumery”. It is far from every other attraction and their alibi-documentary-video is nothing but a waste of time. The soaps and perfumes they produce are based on plants which exist in the Burren but they are grown in France. Well the surroundings are nice but not worth the trip.

But now for the interesting and / or beautiful aspects of the Burren:

a typical Irish stone wall
a typical Irish stone wall
Poulnabrone Dolmen
Poulnabrone Dolmen – a Stone Age temple or grave
a thatched house with a red door
Nice, isn’t it?

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