Travelogue Ireland 2007
Burren and Heading East

Ireland: Doolin
What …
Ireland: Doolin
… an …
Ireland: Doolin
… amazing landscape… But the cliffs are only some centimetres high, the pictures show details of the rocks along the shore near Doolin.

Then we visited the Cliffs of Moher, one of the most important tourist attractions of Ireland. What a disappointment. Well, the cliffs themselves are impressive, but to handle the busloads of tourists they built walkways, walls, there are guards, sign post and of course a café and many shops. You won’t be able to feel and enjoy the nature here anymore. I’d recommend you visiting Downpatrick Head, much better..

We did try to visit Hag’s Head, a part of the cliffs that has not been made tourist safe. But one did everything to keep them away. First there are no signs and it is hard to find, following tiniest roads. Then there are a lot of sign posts, telling you to stay off, that this is private property and that your life would be in danger if you continued. Well, we passed those signs over fences and walls. But then, maybe one or two hundred meters from Hag’s Head, the ruin of a tower, we did stop as the wind where so strong that we could have been blown down the cliffs. So, don’t try to go there 😉

Ireland: Cliffs of Moher
The Cliffs of Moher
Ireland: Hag's Head
Hag’s Head

At this point we had to leave the coast again and head towards Dublin to catch our flight back. We drove through Enis and along Lough Derk. We spent the night in a B&B close to Portumna.

Ireland: Lough Derk
Lough Derk
Ireland: Lough Derk - Portumna Forest Park
Lough Derk, Sun Set in Portumna Forest Park.

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