Travelogue Ireland 2007
Strandhill – Downpatrick Head – The Ceide Fields

And then we reached the sea. Our first and quite short beach trip led us to Strandhill, where you can find a lot of sand, dunes and also lots of walkers and surfers.

Ireland: Strandhill
Strandhill Beach Art by Gabi
Ireland: Downpatrick Head
And then finally the rough and beautiful Atlantic. We had headed towards a place called Downpatrick Head without knowing what we were going to see.
Ireland: Downpatrick Head
Breathtaking cliffs, unchanged by man, open and accessible, dangerous and beautiful.
Ireland: Downpatrick Head
Downpatrick Head itself, sculptured by the waves. This is a place where you can easily spend one or two ours, enjoying the forces of nature below you. If you’ve seen the Cliffs of Moher before visiting this place (we did not) you will especially enjoy the emptiness of this great place, there are hardly any tourists.
Ireland: The Ceide Fields
Then, a bit disappointing: The Ceide Fields and the museum (closed while we were there). The ruins of this ancient settlement might be sensational to archaeologists, but not to us. Anyway, the drive along the cliff line of the area is amazing.

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