Travelogue 2002
Last Days in Antigua Guatemala

May 23rd, 2002

Dear Friends,

My time here is almost over and there isn’t much more to tell. There are the small things like climbing trees, picking lemons and drinking fresh lemonade, real tropic rain, visiting friends and cooking Kässpatzen for them (I won’t explain what it is, but it’s very typical for a southern part of Germany, a dish I already cooked in Manchester and Pennsylvania, USA), quite funny Spanish classes mainly chatting with my teachers, volleyball, sauna, massages (for a change me receiving one).

Small and nice things but not much to write about. Friday morning I will enter the plane and return back home. I hope my reports did entertain you. Maybe I could give you some ideas where you want to spend your next holidays or, if you already know the region, fresh up your memory and make you recall nice places and days you spent there. I would love to hear from you and am looking forward to seeing the Bavarians of you. All those living farer shall send me a mail when coming to Germany / Bavaria / Munich.

All the best from Antigua Guatemala, CA


© Volker Umpfenbach

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