Travelogue Belize 2002
Diving on Caye Caulker – Belize Zoo

May 4th, 2002

Dear Friends,

Belize: Half Moon Caye
Half Moon Caye – Welcome to paradise. We stopped here after diving Blue Hole.

It’s been a long time since I have been scuba diving, strictly speaking much to long but it felt natural right from the first second. Now I got five more dives in my log book and saw a lot of things. Most fascinating for me where the giant underwater stalactites in the Blue Hole, we went down some 140 ft. To be honest it is not as deep as I wrote only some 500 ft, but that’s much more than a human can dive. I saw nice things but still nothing could beat cuddling the nurse sharks.

So I went on, first water taxi in the morning, normal taxi again, bus and (I missed that one) visiting the beautiful Belize Zoo. It is small, lots of jungle vegetation, no animals were captured for the zoo, they got there wounded or were born in the zoo … I shot a whole film of slides.

Belize Zoo: huge cockroaches
The very first animals I met in the zoo were huge cockroaches. The white one just changed its skin.
Belize Zoo: Tapirs
Tapirs. Attention: They might try to pee on you.
Belize Zoo: an Ocelot
An Ocelot: Isn’t it much nicer living than being a coat?
Belize Zoo: a Jaguar
The jaguar was the only sad and depressed animal in this beautiful zoo
Belize Zoo: a Kinkajou Belize Zoo: a parrot
A kinkajou The parrot was as curios … or just hungry?

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© Volker Umpfenbach

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