Strange coincidences. A very short Trip to La Liberdad and Zunzal, El Salvador.

Travelogue El Salvador 2002

May 14th, 2002

Dear Friends,

There are people who don’t believe in coincidence. Some of these people think this is a result of quantum physics which actually proved that one of the basic principles in the micro cosmos is coincidence or random. So the results saved the world from determination which followed from Newton ’s laws of physic and proved Einstein wrong who never believed in certain results of quantum physics and said "God does not throw dice". He definitely believed in physics. So the following story is not related to quantum physics but read yourselves:

In my last mail I told you about Peter whose luggage was stolen. Meanwhile I found out, that he came to Guatemala , to meet "my" shaman Bill, the Tarot card reader Uri and maybe take a Reiki course with Viktor. He knew these names from to guys I met one year ago in San Pedro, Lago Atitlan, when I was with the group. Now Peter came to Guatemala about two months ago, went to Lago Atitlan and lost track of all these persons he was looking for. He almost stopped believing that he would meet them though the Tarot cards had said that he would. Now they had to steal his stuff that he could meet me on his way back from the German embassy. We started a conversation, I offered help, showed him a place to sleep and one day later we find out, that I have the information he was looking for.

Some of you will say "Strange things happen" others say "God’s ways are strange".

El Salvador: The Pacific near La Liberdad
Surfer’s paradise near La Libertad
El Salvador: Boy with captured pelican
They caught a pelican with a broken wing. I wonder what happened to it … maybe they cooked it and this was better for it than starving at the beach.
El Salvador: A graveyard full of live
A graveyard full of live

Only a few days passed since I wrote you the last time. Saturday morning I left very early, went to the city and took a bus to El Salvador . In the afternoon I arrived in La Liberdad at the Pacific coast. Generally the landscape of El Salvador is far less interesting than those of the surrounding countries. I heard that there are some beautiful places but most of the country consists of plantations. Also there is little tourism. In the beginning of last year huge parts of the country were destroyed by an earthquake. You don’t see the consequences any more but at least parts of the people are very poor. The main tourist attraction is the coast and attracts mainly surfers, the waves are quite impressing. The problem was that I don’t surf and could not even try it because I had a little problem with my back. All along the pacific coast it is incredibly hot right now. After my back got a little better I could at relax a bit in the warm water and let the surf throw me all over the beach. This was in Zunzal (the surfers´ paradise) were I spent a second night in a nice hotel and had a lot of good seafood. Then I entered a bus back to Guatemala because I didn’t know what to do there for much longer.

So I found myself once again in Antigua and now I am looking forward to a good dinner cooked by my guest mother Francisca. I decided to finish my holiday with some Spanish classes, because one of my intentions was to improve my language knowledge and I didn’t learn very much so far. Slowly the rainy season is starting here. There are more and more clouds and sometimes a little of rain. It comes later this year than usual due to El Niño a climatic phenomena hitting the region every second to seventh year. Luckily it seems to be a little Niño, especially El Salvador and Honduras often hit by earthquakes, hurricanes and Niños need a break.

All the best and love from the never changing Antigua Guatemala


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