Travelogue Guatemala 2002
Otra vez en Antigua

March 30th, 2002

Dear Friends,

Sometimes it happens very fast and you find yourself in a foreign country. So I am back in Guatemala which is almost like home for me. Like the last times I will send short reports about the things I do and see, if you want to be deleted from the distribution list let me know.

So far there is little to tell: After 18 hours in planes and airports I arrived save and sound in Antigua Guatemala , a fact which unfortunately is not true for my backpack. Hopefully I will get it on Sunday, because what I need most is a new shirt … I missed the most of the Easter processions here but nothing I haven’t seen over and over again. I plan to leave Antigua in a few days and spend some time in Todos Santos in the mountains where I don’t expect to have internet access. I further plan to receive my second Reiki degree, visit the jungle, which didn’t work out the last times I was here, and maybe El Salvador , Honduras and / or Belize. All in all I got eight weeks to spend.

All the best from Central America , Antigua Guatemala


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