Jungle adventures in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary (Belize). Relaxing on the beaches of Placencia.

Travelogue Belize 2002
Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary – Palencia

Belize, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary: The Huts
The room I was sleeping in. It is for six persons but I was alone. Of course the mosquito net is not included.
Belize, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary: Me in my hammock at a lonely lake
Me in my hammock at a lonely lake
Belize, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary: My view of the jungle
And my view of the jungle
Belize, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary: lonesome lake with waterfall
This lake was even more beautiful and lonesome than the first one
Belize, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary: View over the jungle
View over the jungle

Then bus again, another bus, a gringo rip off taxi and I reached Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the only jaguar reserve in the world. Jungle all around, lots of sounds (the only real relaxing kind of noise), many tours through the jungle, and swimming under waterfalls. I did not see there as many (bigger) animals as in Tikal but it was brilliant. Lots of different birds, a little grey fox, a possum, a tarantula, big as a CD, frogs, toads (a word I learned reading Harry Potter), something up in the trees we were not sure whether it was a cat or a racoon … I spent much time in my hammock, reading, listening and (more or less) unsuccessfully searching the green for animals.

After three nights I had eaten all my foods (no restaurant or shop there) and I had enough and you never can avoid that the insects bite you. So bus again to Mango Creek. Almost I would have had to wait a long time for the first time in this journey because the boat was going to leave three and a half hours later but right in this second two tourists in a car stopped and asked whether they could take me to Placencia. Placencia is a village at the end of a 20 miles long and sometimes only 200 meters wide peninsula. Life is hard here, once again I got nobody to rock me in my hammock and I even have to search and open my coco nuts myself. I don’t think that I am going to stand this for a long time. Tomorrow I am going to take a unique chance: Full moon hasn’t been a long time ago and these are the last two days that you can go out and snorkel with whale sharks, the biggest fish on earth, up to 60 ft long. They will return for full moon in June and then next year again. I hope we will meet them and the chances are very good. Please wish me luck, I am sure you want to get an exciting report, sorry that most of the English speaking readers of this mail won’t be able to see the slides …

Love and all the best


Belize, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary: A Ananas
And now for something completely different: I thought that pineapples grow on trees …
Belize, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary: cashew nuts
And who of you can tell what these are? You all know it, they’re cashew nuts. The nut is in the little thing at the bottom of the fruit. You can’t eat them like that, they have to get roasted.

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