Travelogue Canada 2005

In September 2005 I went to Vancouver on a business trip. I had the opportunity to prolong my stay a couple of days and I visited Vancouver Islands. I was impressed by the landscape I saw and by the people I met. Here are a couple of pictures.

Grönland / Greenland
I guess that this is Greenland seen from above. Nice to watch from the plane but probably too cold for me to visit it.
Canada: Vancouver Bay
The Rocky Mountains
Candada, Vancouver Skyline
Vancouver Skyline
Wicker Man
This is the "Wicker Man", being burnt at the end of the movie with Nicolas Cage. I visited the set as a representative of the German production company.
Nicolas Cage
I was so lucky! I did not only get a photo with Nicolas Cage but the Make Up department had just added lots of false bee stings to his face. Thus I have a photo standing next to this womanizer and can say that I am better looking than him. Well, sort off. No ironical comments please.
Canada: Vancouver Aquarium
At Vancouver Aquarium: This is most definitely the biggest insect I ever touched.
Canada: Vancouver Aquarium
Vancouver Aquarium: Dolphin Action
Canada: Vancouver Aquarium
Vancouver Aquarium: The belugas seemed to have at least as much fun watching us as we did watching them.
Canada, Vancouver Island: Whale Watching
Whale Watching off shore Vancouver Island. Well, I still would love to see blue whales but to date the orcas are the biggest animals I have seen. By the way: This is a lucky picture, most of the time you see less or nothing. Maybe one of them jumping far from you.
Canada, Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island: This is one of the last giant trees. Most of them have been cut down before one realized the worth of protecting those forests.
Wolf Eel
I also went diving near Victoria, Vancouver Island’s capital. The water was really cold but it was a good dive. There is a lot to see in those nutritious waters though you can’t see far. The funniest animal was such a Wolf Eel (I did not shoot this picture). You can feed and even stroke them … real squashy. Don’t they look like the old guys from the Muppet Show?

© Volker Umpfenbach

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